Friday, April 06, 2007

25 million

That's how much Obama raised in the first quarter, with more donors, through the internet than Hillary. They waited three days and the announcement made me very very happy.

Rudy pulled a real dumb one saying he would use public funds for abortions. Fred Thompson is looking like he is going to get in.

Thompson would get crushed by either Hillary or Barack.

The only Republican who can win I still believe is Rudy. Even he could lose. But the war in Iraq will be much worse (sadly) a year from now, which will sink McCain.

Gingrich, Romney, I just don't see it given the climate and where it will likely be in 12 months+.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger jwood said...

ya, i've flip-flopped my Gingrich pick...though given the massive holes in every other republican candidate, still don't think it'd be so outrageous a choice. Think he might have too much of a cartoonish reputation, and not a good character, Gargamel from the smurfs, something like that. For now, it's Obama or bust. Hilary & Edwards give me shivers, Rudy is a thug (albeit with some appealing qualities), Romney too stretched having to recover from what it took to win in Mass. Mccain might be finished already. An odd race. Thompson has that calcified view of the world that sees too many enemies and too few options on how to pacify them. The world doesn't need another dance with that POV just now. My fear with Obama is a possible inability to be decisive in a true time of crises, a la Cuban Missile Crises. Something about him that is soft, that wants to be tougher than he his, a bit of a paper tiger. While I don't believe Bush jr. could personally kick crap from his underwear, he did have the nards to strike where striking was needed (and perhaps unfortunately, where it was not). You have faith in Obama's spine?

At 6:34 PM, Blogger CJ Smith said...


i was thinking--sent it was in the news again this week--about kerry asking mccain to be vp and essentially sec of state. The country would be in a much better position if he had said yes.

Bush cost him the election in 2000, and I"m convinced he'll do it again in '08.

Gingrich is as equally brilliant on certain matters as he is a piss poor politician.

Creeps is the right word vis a vis Clinton and Edwards.

But Obama, yeah you hit the nail on the head. Don't know. You're right to point out the danger towards softy-ism. Never know what an office does to a person. How they will respond.

He has within him another streak though, the kind that spoke when he said "I'm not against wars, just stupid ones." But he is going to need to be running on more than his history, his charm.

Rather than an inexperience question is really this toughness question.

Obama-Biden ticket?


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