Thursday, April 05, 2007

maundy thursday

Icon of the Last Supper

The Last Supper in the Synoptics Gospels is on the Passover--the meal is a Passover meal. In John's Gospel the Supper is the night before the Passover, meaning Jesus was crucified on the Passover, i.e. Jesus was the Passover Sacrificial Lamb.

Here the Lord finally gives all, his own body and blood. (Synoptics). He sings Psalms faces temptation. I mean Lord here more like how the Hare Krishna's refer to Krishna. Just deep devotional language--son of God, alleluia, Lord. Follow him to his death with the heart open. All beings are facing their mortality, the fear of death, and suffering.

There is no way around this. The answer of Christianity, seen in this great miracle: death is the door, go through it.


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