Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Marathon comments

I don't normally like these because I think rarely if ever do people change their minds. An analogy I find useful is that truth is not just the truth but a location and a seeing-feeling. It depends on being in the right spot--both I believe interiorly and exteriorly.

When the locations don't line up, then miscommunication ensues. And these comment discussions turn into the fixity of one location repeating the vision of that vantage point to the other. And vice versa. As long as each do not travel to the location of the other, as it were, these things usually, in my experience (and sadly) degenerate.

But for those penance-seeking readers (Good Friday is coming up), a long-going now thread back and forth between Matthew D. and myself over postmodernism.

The comments are attached to a post I entitled postmodern conservatives. Here for original post and comments.

[Edit I, Apr.5th, still going...we're up to 21 now].


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