Monday, April 02, 2007

The Paradox of Romney

The guy tops Republican fund raising and yet polls within the margin of error (3% or less).

Related, a lot of discussion on Bloggingheads about whether his Latter Day Saint faith is just too weird, whether Mormonism is just too weird as a religion.

Mormonism is really an improper term--given the religion does not worship Mormon. Makes about as much sense as calling Muslims "Mohammedans" (which you will see in 19th century and medieval Euro. texts btw). Latter Day Saint is better.

That term helps place the religion within its Restorationist roots. Restorationism sees mainline forms of Christianity (Roman Catholic, Eastern & Oriental Orthodox, Protestant) as falling into apostasy (around the year 100 CE) and the Restor. movements have come to Restore the True Faith. Latter-Day Saints.

Obviously as a member of one of those apostate churches I can't buy all that. But personally I don't have a problem with a LDS president. Like Kennedy he has said the heads of those churches (like the Pope for JFK) will not by running the country. He's a businessman from a family of politicians--he knows what he is doing on that end.

The bigger issue for me is his lack of foreign policy expertise (but that goes across the board: Giuliani, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Thompson) and more importantly his flip-flop with social conservatism. That is why I wouldn't vote for him--unless the Dems were to throw up Edwards.

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