Friday, April 06, 2007

Deus Mortus Est

A central, probably the central, element of the Nicene orthodox Christian faith is the principle of communicatio idiomata: communication of languages. The human and divine languages that is.

In other words, whatever is said of one nature (say the human) can be said of the other (divine).

Which is why, today the Christian may seem "God is dead." Long before Nietzsche ever did.

The human nature really died and what is said of one can be said of the other. Hence God died.

All of the great questions--what is consciousness, the Eternal and the Temporal, Being and Becoming, Divine and Created--answered in this day.

God takes these insolvables to the very heart of God and those questions (our questions) crucify God. Just so we must enter into the center of these inquiries and let them annihilate the life we expect, the identity we assume, the very knot in the center of the heart.


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