Saturday, December 02, 2006

I Heart College Football

UCLA stuns and I mean stuns USC at the Rose Bowl.

Florida beats Arkansas for the SEC Championship.

The real question now is: Florida or Michigan to play my Bucks in the Title Game?

I didn't believe this two weeks ago, but I've changed my mind. I think Conference Champions should be given preference for the National Title Game. I looked at Florida's and Michigan's schedules and Florida's is way tougher.

So I vote Florida should get the nod, though I doubt they will. Although there are rumblings and having a Nationally Televised Game couldn't have hurt the Gators chances. The vote will tighten more than people expect. That being said, I still think Michigan is the better team. Florida looked good tonight but I saw nothing that convinces me OSU wouldn't clean the Gators clocks. Arkansas has no and I mean no passing game and it exposed at times the Florida secondary--soon to be crowned Heisman winner Troy Smith and his receiving core would shred that defense--and the Razorbacks defense was more porous than the Bucks D.

Hard to make an argument that Michigan deserves to get in because it scored my points against weaker opponents. It is supposed to be a National Game and even harder to make the case that two teams from the same conference, same part of the country should get it.

I was actually bummed USC lost; congrats to the Bruins though. Still I really wanted to see a Buckeye-Trojan matchup. We'll find out tomorrow.


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