Thursday, November 30, 2006

Update on Bush's Unassail Isolation

The Baker-Hamilton Study Group has perhaps already deflated before its announcement.

It did not call for a timeline; The Democrats (Obama, Reed, Levin) are now rallied around this position. So the Democrats don't totally buy it.

And Bush, at least according his recent press statement is staying the course.

The Democratic talking point has already been decided upon--saw just now with a Dem. consultant on Joe Scarborough. The Dem. consultant Rich Masters said, I'm paraphrasing here: "We set dates: a date for the elections, a date for Constitution, and they followed through." So the Democrats are now using the constitution and elections timetable. Bush is so isolated now and the Republicans on the downslide that the Dems can co-opt Bush "successes" (whether they were successes or not, the elections intensified the sectarian divisions).

The Republican strategist was even harder on Bush than the Democratic one. This is going to be the trend. The Republicans are fast becoming Bush's biggest problem/enemy, the Democrats running a close second.


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