Monday, November 27, 2006


meditating language. a growing awareness of the need for clarity in my speech, in my actions, in my daliy life.

It's a deepening of integral into the voice--the 5th chakra traditionally. the application to my spirit of the mental insight that language must become transparent (habermas) and more importantly the post-metaphysical nature of communication. Namely that truths and phenomena communicated are molded by the worldspace (perspective, level, typologies of various sorts, lines, etc.) of the one listening and speaking.

The realization that nothing is ever finally said or ever perfectly translated, either in my mind or through my vocal chords. That all speech is degrees (and incomplete at that) of intention. Learning to put more attnetion to the space between (inter-subjective) and its strangeness, theoretically but much more so experientially.

Lanugae like the AQAL map (or any similar map) must be psychoactive. The language, inherent in its expression, must reference its position within the Kosmos and the means by which can be seen.

But I mean that way beyond the technical-ese that conveys that message. It is actually a deep burning issue in my heart now. The WORD, the Word (Logos Incarnate for Xtian, Dictated miraculously to Muhammad for Muslim, the Instruction of Torah for Jew) is so profound.

As I think more and more and begin the early stages of research for an integrally-based Biblical theology, the obvious sucessor to a mystical theology, the issue of meaning and the formation of communities to which it gives birth is becoming more crucial every day.


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