Saturday, December 02, 2006

Day Late....$ Short

Good piece from NYTimes on Open-source methods finally being introduced and the institutional biases against it's methodologies in the Defense and Intelligence Agencies. And the benefits and possible downsides to its introduction.

What is known is that Global Guerillas are maximizing such techniques for their ends, and that partly is explanation about the victories/non-losses of the Iraqi insurgents against the US Army and Hezbollah versus Israel.

Going forward the key is to create resilient, flexible networks (2nd-tier organizational and cultural appartus), where boundaries are seen more as node points, places of contact than necessarily walls to be feared, which are oppressive, to be shunned, evaded, and/or destroyed.

Networks of stength and transparency. 5th Generation Warfare is about spreading your own achievements, failures, and problems so that they become everybody's. This can only be done through open information--bin Laden has repeatedly stated what he is going to do.

Only the US President has practiced deep secrecy, non-responsiveness to accountability (yet again with his own mandated Iraq Study Group not to mention Congress), and look where the US and especially he is---the most isolated this government has been since perhaps Ford. Or maybe since Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.

Which is in a sense poetic justice. Cheney and Rumsfield began under Ford and their experience of a weakened executive is what they brought to this administration--particularly Cheney. Their aim was to prevent Congressional oversight of the Executive during a time of war. Interesting that their fear has become by their efforts the reality. As the saying goes, you become what you meditate on. You become what you fear.


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