Saturday, December 02, 2006


The Palestinian Authority is in major trouble. The unity government movement led by Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) with the Parliament-led (elected) Hamas faction have failed.

From Reuters:

Abbas's aides said he could either dismiss the government and form an emergency administration or call a referendum on the holding of early elections.

Don't know where this is headed. There has been some sporadic violence between the two factions, and it is unclear if Fatah would be smart enough not to separate their ticket (as they did last time) and win the vote. Would Hamas just peacefully leave government in such a situation after having a taste of power but never having been given a real chance to rule bc of the European-US restrictions? Might put them, if its possible, even closer to Syria and Iran. Bush really has to start asking whether re-entreching the Saudis/Jordanians, just act as if the Lebanese anti-Syrian coalition can hold if we say so, and trying to create a unified but Shia state in Iraq can act as a bulwark against Syria-Iran.


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