Saturday, December 02, 2006

Major Canadian Upset

In the election for head of the liberal party attempting to take down the minority government of Conservative Stephen Harper. The winner dark horse Stephane Dion over the two front runners Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae.

Story here on CBC.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger eric g. said...


nice to see some canadian specific commentary go up here - actually, i suppose it's just news that you're sharing, so howz about some commentary mr. smith!

ignatieff delivered a series of lectures (the massey lecture series) in toronto a few years back, and i recall there being some 2nd tier jibe to his shtick. do you know much of him? i heard his speech last night and thought it was "ok", but it lacked delivery and sincerity. people were comparig him to trudeau and the campaign of the 60's but i thought the similarities were faded at best; i mean, beyond the fact that they both spent some time outside of canada (ooooooooooo...) before they entered the political arena, thee's not much there as far as i can tell.


considerable intellectual? maybe.

charismatic like christ and pierre elliot trudeau, i don't think so.

eric g.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger CJ Smith said...


Thanks for the post. I don't know a thing about this guy Dion.

About Ignatieff I remember reading some of his stuff for NewYorker I think and had some good thoughts on national security.

But I think he showed he had no guts for the race and the politicking. He went pretty limp and didn't go for the win. He played not to lose seemed to me (kinda Canada's Al Gore).

I don't know what this dude's chances are against Harper. I would have thought Ignatieff would have had more name recognition. And I don't know if he was chosen bc of the recent hullabaloo over Quebec and Harper's trying to co-opt the issue for the Conservatives. Maybe?

Harper I think totally screwed himself by not attending the AIDS conference (he isn't Bush, this isn't America for God's sakes).

Be interesting to see. Canada needs someone who can help after 2008 re-mend the Atlantic Alliance, playing a mediator role between Anglo-Americans and NATO.

I imagine the Liberals will call for a withdraw from Afghanistan and that will probably play well.

I think Canada could be the prime movers on this Dept. of Failed States/Reconstruction Thomas Barnett has been calling for for a long time.

The word in the US is that Wes Clark might be Hillary's running mate and he is calling for a Dept. of Reconstrution. Clark should be prez but has no shot in hell. This piques my interest and would make me think much more strongly about voeting for that ticket.


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