Sunday, December 03, 2006


It's official, the Bucks got the Gators. I like this matchup for the Bucks. Florida's offense has looked very sketchy. The thing the Gators might not be ready for is the Bucks team speed.

Florida's front seven is tough and the OSU O-Line/UoF D-Line will be a real important game within the game. OSU has a major edge on special teams as well. If OSU can get the run game going, they will win. Because while Florida has good front seven, their secondary is a little smoke and mirrors. If OSU opens up with 4-5 receiver sets like they did with Michigan, Florida will be in trouble. Arkansas had no and I mean absolutely no pass game, so Florida just clogged up the run. But OSU has a two prong attack.
Minus a major egg laid by the Bucks, the game belongs to them. And oh yeah Jim Tressel is 4 and 0 in BCS Games (read that again, 4-0).
Ohio State is the only team to beat the #2 team in the country twice in the same season (Texas and Michigan). They will have to do that one more time. If they do it will be considered one of the greatest single team and season in college football history. Troy Smith will be considered the greatest QB in Ohio State's storied tradition.


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