Saturday, April 07, 2007

empty tombs again

Thirteen billions years.

The explosion. This universe, perhaps only one of an infinite number.

Beings radiant from the outside, burning from within.

The Empty Tomb of the Cosmos. Beings infinite in sadness. Jesus of Nazareth, Spirit-led, embraced this universe-sorrow and suffering.

Worlds upon worlds, being upon beings unending.

Bodies mutilated under the quiet evening sky lying in the streets of Baghdad, sleeping forever to be discovered in the morning.

Children starving the world over. Christ crucified every instant of existence.

Who hears their cries? Who mourns their bodies? Who asks Pilate for their murdered corpses, who prepares these beings for burial?

All under the dark brilliant beautiful black sky. The wine dark sea. The depths of the caverns of the planet. All serenely exquisite. Wide enough perhaps to embrace these bodies. Maybe the rocks will do the mourning.

Commerce, important matters, prestige, honor, intellectual superiority, fear of our own death, immortality projects, the idols of wealth, fame, religious truth, power far more influential than this work of picking up the dead and kissing them.

No one has learned. We have all gone astray like sheep.


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