Saturday, November 18, 2006

4th Quarter

Final 15.

Ohio State, another turnover turns into touchdown. 35-31.

Need some more points. Bucks get first on the run. Bucks driving. Big third down (3 and 1). Shit, bad snap. Michigan recovers.

Need a huge defensive stop. Big huge third down. Nothing. Nice d.

Come on offense. A touch could be this on ice. Huge field position loss on the turnover. T. Smith has been off after possibly the greatest half of quarterbacking I've ever seen from a Buck QB. Need one drive, one play from him. His time. Must take it.

Tressel pulls a wild draw out of his bag and Pittman gets outside. This is the drive boyz.

Big third down completion to Hartline. Now 3 and 15, after a delay of game. Wow. Late hit on the QB, helmet to helmet. Automatic first down. That is the right call. Hit him right on the head. Monster. This is the gift we needed. Come on guys.

Smith qb sneak for first. Inside the Red Zone. Less than 6 minutes to go.

Brian ROBISKIE--Red Shirt Freshman with an NFL route to the frontcorner of the endzone, both feet in. TOUCHDOWN. They are reviewing it, but it's a score. Robiskie is perhaps better they say than Gonzalez and Ginn. Call upheld.


Not going for two after their last touchdown really hurts the boys in blue. Now they are down 2 touchdowns, not just two scores.


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