Friday, November 17, 2006

Pelosi already 0-2

I said I wanted Rahm Emanuel for Speaker. Already looking like I was right.

Pelosi goes wacko and promotes Jack Murtha for House Majority Leader over her rival Steny Hoyer. Got blasted by her own party. Murtha has bribe accusations from his past (Abscam) and is not a good legislator.

And worse the possiblity that Alcee Hastings could become House Head of Intelligence Services. Rep. Jane Harmann (California Democrat) got in a tiff with Nancy who dumped her (cat fight?). Big mistake. Harman was a good, one of the best Dems in the House, around War on Terror. She worked hard for bringing the Wiretapping into line with FISA (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act) court system. Critical of the Bush execution but not a pull-out now mentality.

Worse the Democrats stupidly called for withdrawal from Iraq prior to the Baker Commission. Bush in Vietnam today said that the lesson of Vietnam was that we win until we give up. Oh my God he is so wrong. It wasn't a defeat--as long as we keep not being able to separate wars from peacekeeping/stabilization post-war.

But the implication was clear. The Dems now gave Bush and right-wingers for '08 election, the argument that they were winning until the Dems called for pullout.

Lastly the Doha Round of Trade Talks is dead. I'm worried about protectionist Lou Dobbs like Democrats gaining steam.


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