Saturday, November 18, 2006


Play action pass, on 2 and inches, perfect call.

Ginn down the seam for 6. 21-7 Buckeyes.

Henne is nervous. He's holding the ball too long. Looks like Henne is holding to Manningham too much. Double team, force him to go to Breason, who he doesn't have as much confidence in.

The OSU Defensive Front, which can rotate 8/9 guys is starting to give the Michigan Offensive line fits. The Maize and Blue can't run. Henne is open for the INT the big sack fumble. OSU looks like one play away (defensive touchdown, turnover) from really breaking it open. This drive for Michigan is key.

1 and 10, Manningham loses concentration and drops pass. Michigan looks a little shell shocked. Big run for Hart to mid-field. Big play for them for some confidence.

5 minutes to go til halftime. 3 and 2 coming up. Big play here.....bad call pass interference. That ball was uncatchable. Saved by the refs that could be huge.

Henne just sacked for major loss. Out of field goal range. Wow. Arrington wide open, blown coverage, 21-14 OSU.

2 minutes plus to the half. Bucks got plenty of time for a drive.

Bucks driving. Past midfield. Gonzalez so pretty, run out of bounds--such a smart player. First down. Driving again. Gonzalez again. Down to the 11. Michigan is so confused in the secondary. Want the six. Michigan timeout, their defense is worn out. Troy Smith is an absolute zone. One play boys, right here. 2 down and goal from the 7.

TOUCHDOWN TO GONZALEZ. [Heisman to Smith--he is unreal?].

28-14 at the HALF.

Jim Tressel is a play calling genius. This 4/5 wide look is disintegrating the vaunted Michigan D. If there were any questions of OSU being the real deal, they are putting those to doubt at this point.


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