Saturday, November 18, 2006

2nd Half

whew. another half. highlight of the halftime show--Doug Flutie. Very proud living in Canada, BC with a big win today (former Jesuit speaking). Grey Cup (CFL Championship tomorrow, BC Lions in it).

michigan drives the field and scores. 28-21. Hart is the key to their team.

Michigan with the pick on a deflection. Ohio State holds Michigan to a field goal. 28-24 OSU.

Ohio State needs to re-establish dominance on this drive.

Late hit, stupid play on Michigan. 15 yard penalty, gives Ohio State the ball at 35.

whew. Antonio Pittman right down the middle, almost same play as Beanie Wells run. F Michigan.

35-24 OSU. How bout Uncle Mo(mentum) switching in one minute. Brent Mushberger for once with an intelligent comment: Jim Tressel is the best play caller he's seen in many years.

Michigan takes the kick and calls for timeout before a play. The D is going to be looking for the turnover.

Michigan driving again. They are blocking well. No pressure on Henne. Bucks stopping the run well. Need a sack, pressure on QB. There it was, caused an incompletion. Big third down play. Yes. David Patterson hits Henne as he throws, another incompletion. omg, they are going for it. this is it, 4th down.

completes the pass but no first DOWN!!!!! Still 35-24. OSU ball.

Michigan stupidly goes deep on 3 and 1, pick by Ohio State.

Game has hit a lull. Waiting for a dagger from the Bucks. Wait the pick is under review, overturned. Michigan punts into the end zone.

1:30 left in the third. f....fumble


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