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The Blackness of Obama

Like the rip on 60's racial identity politics.
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To the candidate, the debate says more about America's state of mind than it does about him. "I think America is still caught in a little bit of a time warp: the narrative of black politics is still shaped by the '60s and black power," he tells NEWSWEEK. "That is not, I think, how most black voters are thinking. I don't think that's how most white voters are thinking. I think that people are thinking about how to find a job, how to fill up the gas tank, how to send their kids to college. I find that when I talk about those issues, both blacks and whites respond well."
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At 8:56 AM, Anonymous Daniel O'Connor said...


Have you come across any discussion of Obama's age and the potential significance of a Gen Xer, or Boomer/Xer cusper (depending on when we date the generations) in a Presidential race?

It's the first time there's ever been someone of this generation on the stage with the Boomers/Silents.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger CJ Smith said...


That's a great point, that I have been thinking about. Notice how he just gets to bypass the whole Vietnam thing, (which I think is great btw). He admits he used drugs but that doesn't seem to bother too many folks, as say with Clinton's farce about not inhaling.

It opens up the possibility to have disagreements over the wedge issues (abortion, women in the workplace, etc) without it being so nasty and intrinsically bifurcated.

One of his definite strengths, people on all sides agree, is that he listens to the other side. Though this would seem normal I think to most of us, in US politics that makes him essentially a genius, given there is no competition (sadly) in that department. He doesn't vilify individuals he disagrees with. I think that would be really crucial in a president.

Hillary for example is same old same old on all those fronts. And all those who have the anti-Hillary bug. Same thing. Generationally the Boomers are incapable of dealing with their own past seems to me.

New wine, new wineskins.

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Daniel O'Connor said...


Thanks for the good thoughts. I happen to agree. I wonder if Obama's maturity as a thinker and communicator, his "genius" as you put it, will be valued by enough voters to win both elections. I tend to think the odds are against him because the cultural center of gravity is well below his own.

On the question of his age/generation being a factor, I found some references via google, like this one below:

At 3:32 PM, Blogger CJ Smith said...


Thanks for the link.

On the question of can Obama win, I don't really know. I have doubts. He would really have to turn it on. But apparently, so say the experts (so-named), he is getting better in Iowa, in stump speeches. He needs to get better in debates. And most of all he needs Edwards to drop out and Al Gore to (somehow) make finally clear he is not getting in. If it were to get down to Clinton v Obama, he's got a chance. If Edwards keeps hanging in I think they split the anti-Hillary vote and she gets the nod.

For this reason but many others, I do not like Edwards.


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