Friday, July 06, 2007

Sullivan on Hewitt on Breaking Republicans

From the Daily Dish:

"What do the four [senators] share in common except a loss of confidence in the troops and their ability to win? Senator Voinovich is 70; Senators Domenici and Lugar 75, Senator Warner 80. Though Senator Voinovich only joined the club in 1999, Senator Domenici has been in the Senate for 35 years, Senators Lugar and Warner 29 years. The combination of advanced age and long tenure in government seems to increase a senator's sense of self-importance even as it decreases their connection to the GOP's base," - Hugh Hewitt, on his blog.

It's hard to get a clearer definition of Jacobinism. Contempt for age, and experience, immunity to the practical arguments all these senators have made, description of policy disagreements as an attack on the troops, and an insistence that the only valid qualification for office is ideological conformity with "the base". If conservatism is ever to recover, it is going to have to leave radical zealots like Hewitt behind.


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