Friday, May 04, 2007

Suicide Killers

Just finished watching Suicide Killers, the new documentary by French filmmaker Pierre Rehov. You can listen to Rehov interviewed by Dennis Prager, here.

Don't have too much commentary, other than to say you should see it. But not I would say in isolation. I would recommend Blood of My Brother in tandem with Suicide Killers.

Suicide Killers interviews failed Palestinian suicide bombers. They're in Israeli jails. You get interesting insights into their mindset, but also keep in mind they are failed bombers, which means they have lines, scripts they must put out there. As Rehov admits, he only got access to these people because he is French and they assume he is one their side, as it were. But given the nature of their life condition and the format, they come across (to me) as somewhat flat characters. The interviews with family members are on the outside are I think more revealing. Even more disturbing are the training camps for children and the indoctrination techniques.

Blood of My Brothers covers life inside Iraq. You actually see the evolution of a jihadi in his life, watching his brother die, watching his family suffer.

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