Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Winograd Report

Massive coverage of the Winograd Report on Ha'aretz (which I learned today means "The Land").

The Winograd Report is the anticipated Israeli report on last summer's Israeli-Lebanese War.

PM Olmert looks sunk. 68% in a poll cited want him to resign. New elections if called would like bring Likud to power. I'm not an Olmert fan. He seems a bumbling fool to me, but Likud means nothing other than years of war & bloodshed and more walls & settlements.

One bright spot, the Foreign Ministry office fared well which bodes well for the possible inside coup of Kadmia (the centrist party of Olmert) to install very popular FM Tzipi Livni.

I wish I could spend more time analyzing the articles and the Report, but it is late and I have class tomorrow.

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