Tuesday, May 01, 2007

PMCs in Iraq

Possibly even more disturbing:
Until Congress reins in these massive corporate forces and the whopping federal funding that goes into their coffers, partially withdrawing US troops may only set the stage for the increased use of private military companies (and their rent-a-guns) which stand to profit from any kind of privatized future "surge" in Iraq.
clipped from www.atimes.com
there is another disturbing fact that speaks volumes about the Democrats' lack of
insight into the nature of this unpopular war -and most Americans will know next to nothing about it. Even if the president didn't intend to veto their legislation, the Democrats' plan does almost nothing to address the second-largest force in Iraq - and it's not the British military. It's the estimated 126,000 private military "contractors" who will stay put there as long as Congress continues funding the war.
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