Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pepe Escobar in Baghdad II---death of abu masri

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Whether true or not, the killing of Masri will make absolutely no difference - as did the killing of Zarqawi. The Islamic State of Iraq's tentacles are so far-reaching they have already deeply infiltrated Baghdad neighborhoods such as Amriya and Dora. One, two, a thousand Masris are waiting in the wings. Al-Qaeda's strategy won't change - and that means non-stop bloody bombings to keep inciting Sunnis to attack the majority Shi'ites.

The so-called "sanctions generation" in Iraq - those who grew up under the
dreaded United Nations sanctions during the 1990s - will keep churning out legions of ready-to-die martyrs. And after all, hardcore Islamists - local and foreign - and Arab nationalists are still fighting a common enemy: the US occupation.

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