Friday, May 11, 2007

Juche as 10th Largest Religion in World

So argues Analysis here in AsianTimes.

Juche is the "religion" or if you prefer national ideology of North Korea. Loosely translated "self-reliance." It involves the deification of Kim Il Seung and Kim Jong-Il, the beloved Father/leaders of their country.

On juche:
The juche philosophy gradually emerged as a systematic ideological doctrine in North Korea while it was witnessing the China-Soviet split in the 1960s. Kim Il-sung outlined the three fundamental principles of juche in 1965. They were "independence in politics", "self-sustenance in the economy", and "self-defense of the national security".
Further proof that every being follows through the basic stages of values/faith development. Atheism eventually becomes its own religion and at the red level of hero-cult worship along with blue dogmatism. Just as with Mao in China or "orthodox" Marxism in Soviet Russia.

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