Thursday, May 10, 2007

Robert Baer on Cheney trip to Saudi Arabia

And what the VP should say to the Saudis. Here (Time).

Here's the crux of the issue:
The real work must be done in Saudi Arabia, where Cheney needs to calm Saudi
nerves over Iran. U.S. officials who visit the Gulf tell me that their Saudi
interlocutors all ask the same questions: When the United States is forced to
cede Iraq to Iran, what happens next? Or, more fatefully, what happens to the
Arabs when one day the U.S. reconciles with Iran?

Baer's solution?:
One argument that would serve Cheney well is persuading the Saudis that a Shi'a
Iraq is not necessarily the same thing as an Iranian Shi'a Iraq. He should point
out that U.S. forces have started working alongside the Mahdi Army of radical
Shi'a cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in Baghdad, a sign that the United States has the
sense and ability to try to help and stand Sad'r up on his own, and in so doing,
help cut the Shi'a umbilical cord to Iran. But much more crucially, Cheney
has to hammer home the message that only the U.S. can stop Iran from getting a
nuclear bomb. A meeting of the five permanent U.N. Security Council members on
Wednesday in Berlin to discuss a new resolution against Iran should help.

Point one is the key one in my mind. Shia Iraq is going to open up Iran more than the other way around. Although the opening/repression spectrum is moving in both directions in both countries. Iran is invested heavily in S.Iraqi infrastructure. The point about the nuke is only going to work to the degree the US/Euros start to peel Larijani (chief Iranian negotiator), Khamati (leader of Reformers), Rafsanjani, and Supreme Leader Khamenei away from Ahmadinejad.

But Baer is right about this:
If, on the other hand, Cheney tells the Saudis that our only plan is to
stay the course, leave Maliki in place, hold off a rising Republican revolt
againt the war, and run out the clock for the last eighteen months of the Bush
Administration, he can only expect the Saudis to continue making plans of their


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Baer according to his version of truth learned about 911 before it happened from a gulf prince. Judith Miller of the NY Times also claims foreknowledge. Interesting these two predictors of future events both are tied to British intelligence MI6 group INC (London based Iraqi National Congress-Chalabi). And since 911 both have evolved a set of stores about the middle east, Danny Pearl of the WSJ followed a Bob Baer story to Pakistan according to Baer, where his met his fate (never mentioned in the PBS Brad Pitt-Jolie vido versions, hmmm....)

its not all it seems....

Left wing Radio WBAI, NPR, and AIR AMERICA all proudly aired propaganda from former CIA agent Robert Baer, now an advocate of “911 Truth”. You can learn something from his circle of friends in the Middle East, and how his story has changed since 9/11. His screenwriter, Syriana Gaghan, makes some chilling descriptions of how the “real” special interests behind the scenes manipulate public opinion and create violence.

So to understand the infiltration of the “9/11 Truth” movement , watch this video and read the information slides (PRESS PAUSE IF THEY GO BY TOO FAST), It shows how Robert Baer, who claims fore knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, made different contradictory explanations of 9/11 on famous left wing shows like Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, and Air America, as well as on various MSM shows, as part of an evolving set of lies to conceal the real conspiracy covered up by the President, and the 9/11 Truth movement itself. Decoding the lies points the investigation not at the Pentagon, but at a private transnational criminal syndicate, allied with the Gulf States, and located in London, true heirs of the Saudi funded Iran-Contra Terrorist group. This is exactly the group accused by Putin’s newspaper PRAVDA, in July 2001, before the attacks even occurred.



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