Tuesday, May 08, 2007

open-source warfare USA

I think this is a major story---the thwarting of an attempted attack on an American military installation in NJ (Fort Dix).

The men were going to fire rocket grenades into the base to kill soldiers. Sound familiar? This is open-source guerilla warfare.

For example:

One of the men had also gained access to the grounds of the base as a pizza delivery man and claimed to be familiar with the layout, Mr. Christie said.

“We do not have any evidence at this time that they are connected directly to any other international terrorist movement around the world,” Mr. Christie said. “But clearly they used the Internet to obtain this jihadist material, which they used as both educational and inspirational for their cause.”
Fortunately the men send a copy of their jihadi video to the local video store to get dubbed and distributed and the video store clerk called the authorities. That guy is the hero. If there is a next time, likely the jihadis will learn to dub videos themselves and distribute them via the Web on their own.

Attacking police stations, recruiting centers, and army bases is a daily occurrence in Iraq. Their use of the Internet I would bet dollars to donuts gave them this idea. This is the kind of attack I really fear going forward, not a major al-Qaeda Pakistan (original al-Qaeda) theatrical large scale attack. If another one of those occurs, the whole global world system is going to get a re-boot I fear, and the US will likely head towards a very dark authoritarian structure.


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