Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Worrisome Iraq

Violence is increasing.

From AP:
Iraqi police reported at least 109 people killed or found dead nationwide. The toll included two elderly sisters — both Chaldean Catholic nuns in the increasingly tense city of Kirkuk — who were stabbed multiple times in what appeared to be a sectarian killing.
100 bodies a day in the streets was the daily average count during the height of the sectarian violence. The pro-surge factions have talked about how the violence is down. Today is a particularly brutal day, but evidence is growing that the insurgents are finding their way around the surge. But that is not entirely clear at this point. If the violence does come back to 100 bodies a day for a month during the surge (I don't know if that will happen) then what becomes of the surge? Especially in the post-deadline vote and inevitable Bush veto coming.

And this:

Two truck bombs shattered markets in Tal Afar on Tuesday, killing at least 63 people and wounding dozens in the second assault in four days on a predominantly Shiite Muslim city hit by a resurgence in violence a year after it was held up as a symbol of U.S. success.
The group fighting an existential fight targeted the ambulances. Reverse Maslow hierarchy--attack the lowest needs on the chain. Food, health, security, oil, etc.

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