Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hmmm.....Republican Senate

Wondering why the Republican Senate Leadership is letting this go through. Is Bush really that isolated and they are letting him go down with this ship or they think the Democrats will be labeled the Defeat-ocrats? Or both?
clipped from www.npr.org

The key vote is over whether to strip from the Senate bill language that sets a U.S. troop withdrawal goal of March 31, 2008, and calls for that withdrawal to begin within four months of the bill's enactment.

Republican critics trying to remove the deadlines from the bill accused Democrats of micromanaging the war. But Republicans have also decided not to filibuster the bill.

Senate Republican leaders have decided to let the process move forward because it is likely that a negotiated compromise between the Senate and House will result in a bill that includes a timetable for withdrawal, and it is just as likely that the bill will ultimately be vetoed by President Bush.

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