Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunni Iraqi Sheiks-US relations

Story on Sunni tribal leaders joining American/Iraqi Armies to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq. AQI should really be re-named Salafi jihadism. The Salafis refuse to recognize the Shia--they are theologically heretical by the Salafi view. This brand of jihadism is from Abu Musab al Zarqawi and not bin Laden who never spent much time arguing against Shi'a Islam.

The Salafists are headed from Anbar (Western Province) to Baghdad suburbs. Hence the decrease in violence in the West and the uptick around Baghdad.

This trend of Sunnis joining the Iraqi Army/Police and tribal alliances is not without criticism even from other Sunni tribal groups. But this kind of connection is necessary because these are the only individuals/groups who have the legitimacy to take down AQI--if anyone has such authority--in the Sunni heartland. Men like this tribal leader Sheik al-Rishawi (only 36!!!) will be the future leaders in my estimation of the future Sunni country Anbaristan.

What is not clear is imaging a situation in which AQI is smashed--and it will forever be possible with the democratization and bazaar of violence--and the Americans have left. Will the Shia government of Baghdad and these Sunni tribal leaders fight?
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