Saturday, March 24, 2007


Read a great piece in the Vancouver Sun today--unfortunately it is behind a subscription wall--on 24.

Liberals often decry 24 for sanctioning torture. For that reason it was early on in the series applauded by America-first, America-always conservatives. But into season 6, Jack Bauer has become a living wraith, a dead man walking. His soul has been utterly corrupted by torturing human beings. He is stone dead inside. And he has found that often the line of who is torturing whom and whether the US gov't is always good has hit Jack.

The article rightly points out that the series should consider a thread where Jack tortures someone only to get bad information. But that aside, it has gone into interesting territory, no longer a clear eyed conservative pro-America take nor a reflexive anti-American anti-artistic, anti-intellectualism.

He should make both camps uncomfortable.


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