Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Boomers suck as politicians

Or: Why I'm more and more convinced I want Obama.

Read this from the American Spectator. Warning: It's just pure oozing hatred and it takes a sickened soul to write such words. Not all of them incorrect by any measure. Including many of the criticisms of Hillary Clinton. [And yes I have read as evil and hate-filled stuff from the left as well.]. It's ugly ideological stuff; it is a divide that will continue to tear my country apart.

In other words, I don't want these two wings of the Boomers (the coat and tie radicals as author R. Emmett Tyrell calls Clintonites pro-Revolution 60s-ers and the Reaganite Republicans on the other) fighting it out any longer. [Just look at how the Nationalreview is drooling over Fred Thompson possibly entering the race....Fred f'in Thompson? I love the guy on Law & Order but come on.].

Tyrrell quotes David Broder who fears the Boomers will never politically get over the 60s and unite. The Vast Left and Right Wing Conspiracies will never end, particularly the latter, with another Clinton Presidency.

Boomer presidencies need to go the way of dodo.

Giuliani who brings major baggage in terms of thugs and a penchant for extremely hardball tactics is perhaps the only other one who can psuedo-unite: republican but pro-gay, pro-choice.

Still, less necessarily for policy issues, I think this moment requires a fresh face, a major change, a generational takeover.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger MD said...

Hey Chris,

I personally don't care as much about a candidate's generation, than his or her ideas (and the consequences of those ideas), but I think you could make a fair argument for your opinion.

The reason I comment though is that you ought know that those "drooling" over a Fred Thompson candidacy are far more than just a couple people at National Review (and, be fair, several writers there are skeptical of Thompson running). Since I try to regularly check-in with conservative radio (Ingraham, Hewitt, Prager) and conservative web (townhall, hotair), I can tell you that the enthusiasm exhibited at NRO is among the lowest.

Go here, as an example, and listen to Ingraham interview Thompson.

And, btw, calling Thompson a "boomer" might be technically correct (age-wise), but it stretches credulity, to say the least. He's a throw-back, any way you cut it.

I'm not sure I agree with his ideas. But he's refreshing, to say the least.



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