Saturday, January 13, 2007

Meditation on Bush's Face

Watched President Bush's Speech from the other night.

As much as I have been critical of his policies (very critical), looking on his I don't feel anger/resentment, I just feel deep and abiding sorrow. He is suffering immensely--as I would say (unjudgmentally as possible) partly by his continued obstinacy--but suffering regardless.

Others are suffering more and in different ways--bodies with holes drilled in from electric bits, holes in flesh, throats with the boot of occupation upon them, relatives lost, prisoners tortured and manhood eviscerated, the pain of foreigners bringing your great country and people to abysmal fealty.

So I don't think it enlightened to righteously talk about how their suffering is more important than his. It's deeper and I don't think to this day he probably realizes the extent of it--I don't think a human being could frankly. I'm sure he has an inkling--and certainly much more so with American soldiers.

In his private moments. Not in the war cabinet where darker passions likely hold sway.

He was a true believer and to see those with their beliefs crash on the shoals of "reality" (or pick a term) is deeply sorrowful. To see their faces, to see his face was (all anger aside) for me a sorrowful event.

He simply did not know any better. Christ says we ask the Father to forgive such as those. He did not know what he has done.

To live truly into that heart-space beyond all judgments for all parties involved while strongly wanting an end to the violence that is where my deeper meditations lie, far deeper than the view of strategies, alliances, and the rest.

These are not just for me, photos names men actors in history--Sadr, Bush, insurgents--but beings. My brothers and sisters.

In these moments from this great Heart, I feel the cleansing of all judgment (of beings). To the core, the core-est of the core. Doesn't in any way divert my rationalistic thinking in terms of practical needs, tactics and the rest. But it does put them all in a different setting. This meditation is of a much higher/deeper order.

Not much to say (very wordless space) other than to remind myself and others to (at least on occasion) remind ourselves of its existence. Check in and locate the feeling. If not hopefully more.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger ~C4Chaos said...

here's the video, btw.

felt the same way. he admitted his mistakes. but he (the U.S.) is now stuck between a rock and hard place.



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