Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Colbert Neologisms for 2007

(See episode here).

--Former United States Sponsored Dictators Internationally Reviled for Acts of Genocide.

Colbert is pissed because he's 0/3 in the FUSSDIRAG Dept. and the number is growing small (Milosevic and Pinochet both died on weekends, Hussein executed while his show was on vacation).

Factiness: Selected facts detailed in order to prove (or not able to be disproven) what the people need to hear for their own good.

--His explanation of the change: During Republican control, truthiness was in because their dream/version of reality was too good to be discounted by facts. Now that the Democrats are in, facts (factiness) have to be marshaled to stop the Dems from their version of reality.

Colbert has also been voted Gay.com Man of the Year, making him in Stephen's own words, "The Gayest Man of the Year."


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