Sunday, January 07, 2007

deus victor?

Bob Godwin's interview with WIE? Magazine is up on their site (click here). Godwin's blog OneCosmos here. Worth a read. Very bright guy. Very integral, post-postmodern thinker, whatever that can reasonably mean. Wide ranging, comprehensive.

Differences exist in his positions and mine. I guess I would say they are a substantial minority difference. On a scale of 0-100, the agreement would be in the 85% range. Godwin comes from the tradition of Aurobindo and Schuon (metaphysics, perennialism) and I more from a post-metaphysical stance. That difference also shows up in our different approaches to politics. He tends more towards the focality of classical liberalism--leftist is a very dirty word for BG. I am a more interested in how fragmented true/partial elements can be brought together in a post-liberal/post-conservative (classical and modern of each) format. Again not a huge difference, certainly not as substantial as the agreement, but differences there are.

But as Bob says in the WIE piece, he is just trying to inspire awe in the universe. I'd rather metaphysical awe than no awe at all.


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