Sunday, December 31, 2006

Why KA?

I realized after last night's post on Kosmic Addresses, before I delve further into the more philospohical end, I should give some background on why the interest now.

I've reached a kind of stuck point with my blogging here. The last time I reached a somewhat similar place, I didn't really know what to do, so I just stopped blogging--for a considerable length of time. I don't want to do that again. But I want to keep challenging myself as well. Otherwise I get the feeling I'm just mailing it in.

I think I do a decent job of laying out a view beyond what I perceive as deficiences of both conservatives and liberals (both inside and outside of political parties) on a number of larger issues: terrorism, failed states, Islam, energy-environment, 3rd World Christianity, wedge ethical issues (e.g. abortion). Not great but decent (on a good day). Issues about which I have passion.

But while I still do it, it doesn't have that extra zing, that sense of immediacy and structure-creation about it that it once did. It's more a plateau sense--hence the feelng of mailing it in.

And then during the days of silence I took last week I returned took a space I've mentioned on occassion, rather obliquely since I"m not much into personal reflection on this blog, via some of the teachings of evolutionary enlightenment through Andrew Cohen of what he calls the Authentic Self, what in integral-speak is (late indigo) violet. But this inner experience seeks a deep communion, communion of its type. And this really isn't a reality in my life as currently constructed (which is a known consequence of the way I have chosen to live my life). It is also a space that really is only interested in the so-called edge--the cusp of an evolving Kosmos in real time. So there is very little in the way of what to say, other than the deconstruction (and reconstruction) of one's identity pattern. Beautiful experience, more important in terms of its opening for the future--but that is way off.

[One difficulty in speaking about the 3rd tier is that 3rd tier is a 2nd-tier notion, if you will. It arises out of the "2nd-tier" integral context. Integral as a wave not only re-translates downwards--what Wilber calls interpretively intrinsic features and which overall is good--but upwards, to levels beyond turquoise/early indigo. This upward integralization has some inherent flaws. And experiencing moments beyond the integral really exposes those flaws as well as the great gifts, which themselves appear in a new light.

The biggest flaw, as it were, is that each level is the similar pattern of transcend and include--that is true I would say but in a different way. The use of tier points to that--as in not every level jump is the same. The move from green to yellow is termed a momentous leap, a leap into a new tier, so the deeper 3rd-tier leap is itself a new tier. And that tier/stage leads to a deep intuitive wisdom that no amount of integral parsing will ever succeed with. [I mean in the real depth of 3rd-tier not in an altered state at any stage. Otherwise that criticism just becomes an excuse to intellectual and spiritual laziness as I see it. Particulary in my experience among Boomer spiritual types.]

But I sense a space in between these two and that is the one I want to explore. It involves the making transparent one's language/perspective that I discussed in the last post, one way of exploring that is Kosmic mathematics, although that's not my major strength.

And to more consciously (as it tends to the 1st and 3rd person points of view) to emphasize the second person and devotional aspects--to search/test push my limits for service not for self conquest.

I'm not sure if anyone will be interested nor follow some of these thought experiments, mental yogas. Or I guess the immediacy and the urge behind the drive to explore them. I'll find out.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger timbomb said...

Hey Chris,

I'm just catching up with your flow after leaving town for a couple of weeks.

I'm interested in and will follow "these thought experiments, mental yogas".

I love your phenomenological stuff a lot more than your political stuff.

If you're counting votes, there's mine.


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