Saturday, January 06, 2007

thoughts for 1/6

The breakdown of my old Dell and waiting for the arrival of my new iMac took me out of a sorta zone I was reaching around kosmic addresses, post-metaphysical meaning-making, intersubjective spiritual paths. So it will take me a few days or more to get back into that. In the meantime, you might be interested in a writing project in a very similar vein by Joe Perez called whole writing. And say some prayers for him--he's detailed some serious health issues here.

Anything anyone is trying in this arena is like children babbling, making goo-goo gaa gaa noises. They are important and a sign, likely, of more complexity to come, but are fairly incoherent and more the desire to communicate than the communication itself.

I was about to say these are muscles that are unused and will be unwiedly and weak in initial use. But the muscles don't even ex-ist yet. It's more like ripping the fibers that are already there in the mind and in speech/body and breathing even to grow new stronger fibers.

I was conversing with one of my closest friends/companions on this road and he said that what he was interested in was forfeiting his "right"/"claim" to personal ownership of the experience situated in his being.

That is a real clue to what an subjective and intersubjective path would look like. The forfeiture of personal ownership of experience, even and especially of a mystical-spiritual variety. And to do that together for an expressed purpose of de-limiting the assumption that experience is only personal, so pervasive in North American culture.

That is a yoga. A yoga for the future. Something that, as I argued before, will not arise out of a practice of mindfulness or contemplative prayer or inquiry. It is not that those are wrong, it is just that they do not acknowledge the social-cultural construction already inherent in their reality.

It is going to take a lot of women for this path to really kick into gear.


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