Thursday, January 11, 2007


The bigger (and more frightening) news from last night's Prez address on new strategy in Iraq is the increased action against Iran.

The big news today was the raiding of the Iranian Embassy in Kurdistan (I consider Kurdistan a separate country from Iraq so invading someone else's embassy on foreign territory is more or less an act of war, yes?). Story here. We have moved more ships into the Persian Gulf, though the Iranians of course can blockade the Straits of Ormuz and cut off oil shipments, sending shockwaves through the market ($100+/barrel oil) without nukes and with Naval blockade in Gulf.

Cheney wants war with Iran and still has major pull in this administration no matter how withdrawn and isolated he may appear (probably more dangerous that way, less accountable than ever).

Remember the adage: Never start a land war in Asia. We'll we've got two running simultaneously and we are cannibalizing men/weaponry from one (Afghanistan) to support the other (Iraq) while trying to push Iran into a stupid move to possibly start a third.

Or rather naval and air bombardment, which will not stop the nuclear weapons program make no mistake about it. It will turn whatever pro-democracy elements there are in the country, somewhat strengthened in the last months, against the US, and help President Ahmadinejad consolidate massive power in himself (he is currently heading like Pres. Bush to lame duck status).

Such an attack on Iran would create essentially what is being termed a terrorist super-highway stretching from Pakistan-Afghan border through Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, right up to Israel.

The other question no one has yet asked I'm wondering about: is the recent US attack on Somalia (we attacked them) a practice run for Iran?

Condi Rice deserves to be sacked as much as Rumsfield did. The Dems and Chuck Hagel-like Republicans should start calling for her firing. Starting right now. She is not strong enough to stand up to the Cheney alliance and has no strategic vision at the moment we need it most.


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