Monday, November 06, 2006

Totally Unscientific Electoral Predictions


Democrats gain 19-22 seats. Middle of the road/moderate Republicans are wiped out, leading to even more partsianship in the HoR.


Conn: Lieberman (I-D)
Virginia: Webb (D)--even if Allen wins he is the Rep. John Kerry killed his '08 run in 06
Maryland: Cardin (D)--Steele should have made a better run at this one I think.
Missouri: Talent (R)--total toss up, flipped a coin on this one
Montana: Burns (R)--should've been picked off by Tester
Tennesse: Ford (D)--my upset pick.
Rhode Island: real tough.....Chafee (R).
New Jersey: Menendez (D)....with corruption charges to come?
Ohio: Brown (D)
Pennsylvania: Casey (D)

Chafee and Burns could be the deciding vote.

But either way--John Warner, Lindsey Graham (as cover for McCain) are going to go to Bush with a Democrat House, plus the Baker-Hamilton commission report....Condi perhaps finally gets her push against Cheney/Rumsfield.


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