Saturday, November 04, 2006

there will always be scandal but woe to him....

This is not good. Scandal among US Evangelicals.

Shaken by allegations that the head of the 30-million-member National
Association of Evangelicals had a sex-and-drugs relationship with a gay male
prostitute, leaders and scholars of evangelical Christianity say their
religious movement is at a critical moment.

This is so much bigger than what happens (in the election) Tuesday," says
Ted Olsen, online managing editor of Christianity Today, the magazine founded by
evangelist Billy Graham and the leading religious publication of the evangelical
movement. "It has the potential to be a significant long-term crisis moment
for evangelical political engagement — but, more importantly, for the whole
question of evangelical identity.

Ted Haggard, the pastor involved, has admitted to the drugs but the not gay sex allegations. This coupled with possible election issues, could be a new sorta of Scopes moment for evangelicals, where a younger generation of evangelicals, disllusioned by these events, calls for evangelicals to dis-engage from political power, go underground (by media-political), and return to salvation of souls/foreign ministry.

Don't know--they have been mobilized and brought into the mainstream in a way that I don't think they can go back to (as in 40-50s after Scopes). But they are going to have to do some soul searching--particularly as the Christian Right's insistence and continued inability to get their agenda passed through the Republican party (gay marriage, abortion, etc.). Or at least most of it.


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