Saturday, November 04, 2006

China Plays the Game

From the BBC

Mr Hu said that China would double its aid to Africa from its 2006 level by 2009, although he gave no figures. Beijing will offer US$3bn (£1.5bn) in preferential loans and US$2bn (£1.5bn) in export credits over the next three years, President Hu said. It will more than double the number of goods which do not attract tax when imported to China from Africa. China will train 15,000 African professionals and set up a development fund to help build schools and hospitals.

To understand what it is at stake otherwise, also from BBC here. Global Guerillas comes to Africa:

The US has warned that a militant group in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta region is planning a major new wave of attacks and kidnappings. The last major militant offensive this year cut Nigerian oil production by a quarter. Since then, the Delta's numerous armed gangs have carried out a string of kidnappings of foreign oil workers.


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