Monday, August 20, 2007

Juan Cole on "Iran" in Iraq

Ockham's Razor anyone?

--Like the label "plot device."

The only counter-argument (I guess?) is that the Revolutionary Guards are training Sadr now because Sadr wants the US out and SIIC wants us to stay. Meaning Iran would be switching allies. They are probably playing all sides though. No way though that the Iranians are simply cutting ties with a group they basically built over 2 decades who is now in power.
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The US military hasn't found any Iranian trainers in Iraq or any training camps, but like Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, that you can't find them doesn't mean they are not there. What I cannot understand is why the Pentagon needs Iranians in Iraq as a plot device. The Iraqi Badr Corps, tens of thousands strong, was trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and it has been alleged that some Badr corpsmen are still on the Iranian payroll. It is the paramilitary of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, America's chief ally in Iraq. What would the IRGC know that Badr does not? Why bother to send revolutionary guardsmen when the country is thick with Badr fighters anyway (who have all the same training)? I think the US is just embarrassed because Badr is its major ally in Iraq, and Pentagon spokesmen are over-compensating by imagining Iranian training camps inside Iraq.
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