Saturday, August 18, 2007

China brings sub-Sahar Africa to Modernity

Further proof, via NyTimes on Chinese entrepreneurs in Africa. (Hint: Won't be another Concert for Africa that will).

These numbers should make your eyes bug out of your head (my emphasis):
Stories like this have become legion across Africa in the past five years or so, as hundreds of thousands of Chinese have discovered the continent, setting off to do business in a part of the world that had been terra incognita. The Xinhua News Agency recently estimated that at least 750,000 Chinese were working or living for extended periods on the continent, a reflection of deepening economic ties between China and Africa that reached $55 billion in trade in 2006, compared with less than $10 million a generation earlier.
Who do you think al-Qaeda in Africa is going to start targeting? Who is going to feel the inevitable anti-modern, anti-globalization backlash---answer the Chinese. Who is the natural ally?


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