Friday, August 17, 2007

I Heart Huckabee

On my theme of a dual track presidency--one foreign policy, one domestic--Mike Huckabee would be a good candidate for domestic president. I like his style and his demeanor/personality, even if I don't agree with all his policies.

But he doesn't demonize. He could work across party lines. A Sam's Club Republican would make a very good domestic president in my opinion. I like his linking (from the rising evangelical world) of poverty and environment with traditional life and moral conservative issues. Far as I know though, Huckabee has no foreign policy cred.

My foreign policy pres would I guess be Biden. Biden-Huckabee in '08?

Nobody quite has the all the pieces.

--Biden seems to me to have the sanest (least worst) option in Iraq
--Obama has correctly put Pakistan and Afghanistan back into view. Particularly not wedding our Pakistani policy to Musharraf himself.
--Giuliani sees Long War and need for SysAdmin.
--Dodd has been clearest on harm done to Justice Dept. and Rule of Law by Bush.
--Clinton has made clear she won't have US policy hijacked by Taiwan (acting as if they can declare independence and no matter we'll have their back against China).

Update: Forgot about Huck's "I don't believe in evolution" answer. On the Colbert show he said he believed in "devolution"---that is looking at Congress he has seen humans become like monkeys. Funny (accurate possibly) but doesn't answer the question. If it's his own personal thing and he wouldn't use the platform to push for intelligent design curriculum that's not the best but allright I guess.

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At 4:05 PM, Blogger Michael Turton said...

Does Taiwan act as if it can declare independence and the US will have their back? So far it has taken no actions like that.

Also, I'm working on a piece on Clinton and the Dems. Can you cite where Clinton has said that?

At 9:30 AM, Blogger CJ Smith said...


there are some elements of Taiwan that make no so subtle hints about breakaway. there are also elements (rumsfeld in the first admininstration, assorted hardline neocons) in the US administration who have been pushing these groups, and elements within the Pentagon who want an "old fashioned war" with China.

Colin Powell when Sec. State had to go and work against the Defense Dept. attaches who were pushing a Taiwanese independence line.

Again it's tough to know exactly how strong these forces are. I'll confess to not being totally up on the Taiwanese scene. What we do know is that for China, Taiwan is their 54-40 or Fight Line.

I think 9/11 has put China down the list, but still the relationship is a little ambiguous.

I'm sorry I don't remember where I saw/heard the Clinton comment. She said basically she would uphold the one china but two "territories" policy that has been in effect for so long now.

peace. cj


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