Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Obama needs to vote for the South Korean free trade pact. Clinton is against, Edwards is against. The WashingtonPost editorial is right--she is not her husband.

Obama has so far had brilliant eloquence but he needs to break with some liberal orthodoxy (as did Prez Clinton, particularly on free trade). He could label Hillary in with the "nativists yahoos" in the immigration defeat if he did so.

Hillary will do everything to follow Edwards' lead at this point. Obama has to do something to separate himself from her. As long as Edwards in the race, I don't see how Hillary loses the nomination. Could happen but it would take a major shift.

The point Obama should be hammering is that he can win the general against the Republicans and Hillary can not.

Dollars to donuts:
--Hillary would beat Romney or Thompson. She would lose to Giuliani. She also polls as losing to McCain but he isn't going to get the Rep. nomination at this point.
--Obama is the only Dem polling who beats Romney, Giuliani, and McCain.


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