Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From Bad to Much Worse

The minarets on the same Samarra Shia Mosque bombed in 2006 have been destroyed. This is major. From WAPO:
Early morning blasts Wednesday destroyed two minarets at the same Shiite shrine in Samarra where an attack last year demolished the mosque's gilded dome and plunged the country into a wave of deadly sectarian violence.
And Sadr playing his hand:
He declared that no Sunni Arab could have been responsible for the attack on the Shiite shrine. Instead, he faulted the Iraqi government for failing to protect the landmark, and blamed the relentless violence in Iraq on the ongoing U.S. military presence.
And oh by the way the Anbar Salvation Front, the hope of the pro-surgers is breaking apart:
In a separate development, Reuters news service reported that a tribal group in Anbar province that was formed to fight al-Qaeda in Iraq had taken steps to divide itself, following infighting among its leaders that was chronicled earlier this week in The Washington Post.
The cause of the fight is that Abu Risha, the leader was using the group to further his own ends. A fight over who will be warlord of Anbaristan in other words.


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