Sunday, June 17, 2007

Giuliani's 12 points

He has clearly been reading by his Barnett. "specialize in nation-building." The problem I have is with his staying on offensive agenda including the wiretapping, "current policy on interrogations (read: torture)", and so forth. Particularly Rudy's history of "bending" the law to get bad guys. One thing when mayor of a city, another when leader of the free world.
Fact is, while the one-sentence commitments are light on detail, Giuliani added specifics to each in his Bedford address and in subsequent interviews. "Offense" against terror means enforcing the Patriot Act, continuing NSA surveillance of terrorist phone calls into the United States, maintaining the current policy on interrogations, and creating ten new combat brigades for the military, as well as the creation of a "stabilization and reconstruction corps," made up of military and civilian personnel, that would specialize in nation-building. "We may very well need more," Giuliani said in Bedford, "but that's an appropriate way to start."
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