Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sane Response on Turkey from National Review

Editorial here.

The Editors write:
This is not the separation of church and state on the U.S. model, but the control of Islam and other religions by a ministry of religious affairs — and the imposition in an overwhelmingly Muslim nation of a naked public square. This extreme secularism has always needed naked force for its survival, hence the Turkish army’s role as the guardian of the secular constitution. But this is fast becoming an impossible policy in modern Turkey. Both the evolution of democracy and the spread of Islamic piety make it essential for Turkey to develop a more tolerant secularism that will permit the public expression of religious commitment.

Of course, that more tolerant secularism will still need to be protected against both armies and Islamists. Entry into the EU, which has its own rules and regulations on that score, would fill the gap left by the evolution of Turkey’s military into a force that not only protects the constitution but is governed by it. Europe, riven on the issue of Turkey’s EU admission, probably cannot provide the complete assurance that is needed for the time being. So Sarkozy should shut up for that time — and the U.S. should work with Europe to help the Turks overcome their post-election crisis (if there is one).
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