Thursday, May 31, 2007

Romney on Dept. of Reconstruction

Barnett's everywhere.
Third, we need to dramatically and fundamentally
transform our civilian capabilities to promote peace, security, and freedom around
the world.
Today, there is no such unity among our international
nonmilitary resources. There is no clear leadership and no clear line of authority.
Too often, we struggle to integrate our nonmilitary instruments into coherent, timely,
and effective operations. For instance, even as we face the need to strengthen the
democratic underpinnings of a country such as Lebanon, our resources in education,
health, banking, energy, commerce, law enforcement, and diplomacy are spread across
separate bureaucracies and are under separate leadership. As a result, we have had
to look on as Hezbollah has brought health care and schools to areas of Lebanon.
And guess who the people followed when the conflict between Israel and Lebanon broke
out last summer?
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