Saturday, May 26, 2007

Joe P. on Indigo

His thoughts here.

I'll excerpt just one passage:
Indigo is less concerned than turquoise with developing comprehensive worldviews or integrating partial conceptions of reality into flexible and flowing holistic syntheses. Indigo “takes for granted” that the psyche, culture, nation, and world are inseparable at the root. Its growing awareness of connectedness and unity is without effort; it is simply becoming more attuned to the sights, sounds, and dynamics of one's own psyche. The ego-aware mind begins to perceive the unity of causation and observation. Past, present, and future no longer appear as strictly linear points along a line, but as segments of a loop that can mutually interact. Suddenly, the contents of the future appear as repeating patterns of connecting symbolism extending forward into the future based on past trends and present contours. Indigo is more fascinated by the need for transrational structures of meaning-making and solution-seeking. Art, story, symbol, image, and metaphor may become more intriguing than concept, idea, theory, and framework. Indigo tends to derive greater satisfaction from communal and relational expressions of meaning-making.


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