Friday, May 25, 2007

Canadian Demographic Change

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Canada’s demographic make-up is in the throes of profound changes that could have significant long-term political and economic implications. Initial results of the 2006 census, published by Statistics Canada (the national statistical agency) in mid-March, show that immigration now contributes the bulk of Canada’s population growth. The data also underline the westward shift of Canada’s economic and political centre of gravity, and show a continuing shift from rural to urban areas, especially to the suburbs around Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

According to the census, Canada’s total population stood at 31.6m in mid-2006, up by 5.4% since the previous census in 2001, representing the highest growth rate among major industrial countries. Immigration accounted for 66% of the increase, compared with 58% in the previous census period (1996 to 2001).

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